Mighty Mite Pro Canister S3681D

$199.95 $179.95


For the ultimate in convenient, high-performance detail cleaning, choose the Mighty Mite Pro Canister Vacuum. From bare floors and low-pile carpeting to above-the-floor cleaning, this multi-use canister with disposable dust bag, 20-foot power cord and carrying strap is the one you?ll want to have on hand for tough jobs.


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Convenience and Performance

Telescopic wands and a full set of attachments make cleaning both hard surfaces and area carpets a breeze. 12amps of power and a 12″ wide cleaning path get the job done.

Versatile Cleaner

Multi-use canister for bare floors, low pile carpeting, and above-the-floor cleaning.

Convenient Emptying

2.6-qt. Disposable paper dirt bags keep dust and dirt contained while cleaning and while emptying.

Fewer Stops While Cleaning

The 20-ft. cord and the onboard tools mean fewer stops to plug/unplug and search for tools while cleaning.

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