Reach Wet Dry Cyclonic Commercial Vacuum

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Reach Tilt Cart with 3 Motor Wet Dry Cyclonic Vacuum

Also available in a two-motor design


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Reach™ System industrial wet-dry vacuums are available in two and three motor configurations. The motors can be activated individually as an application requires helping to preserve motor life and providing maximum user flexibility. The heavy-duty polypropylene molded head can handle significant impact without damage, protecting the motor, switches and other key components. The heavy-duty polypropylene latches are virtually unbreakable providing years of use in demanding factory and field applications.

Unlike many other commercial vacuums, Reach™ vacuums are mounted on heavy-duty metal frames that allow their use in applications where the vacuum will be on and off trucks or in and out of vans at the job site. The heavy metal frame makes them ideal for moving over uneven ground or in true industrial plant applications. Reach™ vacuums ride on heavy-duty caster wheels designed to take impact and move over uneven surfaces without the risk of failure. The heavy duty frame is equipped with a tilt feature making emptying the bin easy without the risk of plugged drain hoses or risk of injury. A drop chain grounds the metal frame reducing the risk of nuisance shocks to the user when working on high overhead with the reach pole and cleaning tool range.

The bin of the Reach™ series is a heavy gauge stainless in line with the industrial nature of it’s intended design. Reach™ vacuums are available with either HEPA or standard cartridge filters depending on the needs of the application. The filters are designed for easy installation using a positive hand threaded locking bolt insuring a tight seal to the vacuum head. The cast metal inlet port is offset to permit dirt and debris to enter under a heavy steel cone creating a true cyclonic separation of dirt and debris. This cyclonic action helps to preserve the HEPA filter as heavy debris falls efficiently to the bottom of the can away from the surface of the filter. By separating bulk debris you maintain vacuum suction even as the bin fills. The cast metal inlet port and hose end provide for long life in demanding applications.

Reach™ vacuums are equipped with a one-meter heavy duty grounded service cord to reduce downtime and service costs. A full 50 foot three wire extension is provided standard with all Reach vacuums. By using an extension cord the risk of having to replace the vacuum cord itself is greatly reduced.